Mind over MIDI  monolog

label: diametric. genre: ambient/drone

format: cd/digital. release: 12.nov.2012


01.  enable

02.  interface

03.  decoder

04.  divider

05.  remote

06.  circuitry

07.  sensor

08.  source

09.  modus

10.  counter

11.  connector

12.  interrupt

13.  disable


music by helge tømmervåg

mastering by taylor deupree, 12k mastering


buy digital at boomkat (mp3/flac) Juno (Wav)


circuitry video


limited edition of 200 hand-numbered cd in slimline dvd case.


copyright diametric music / Mind over MIDI 2012


Mind over MIDI’s ninth album Monolog sees Helge Tommervag further refine his trademark brand of ambient, minimalist music. He’s been practicing, perfecting and refining this sound for nearly thirty-years. So it’s no wonder that by Mind Over Midi’s ninth album Monolog, that he’s one of the most practiced, practitioners of the artform of ambient music. Monolog features thirteen tracks of lo-fi ambient music, which are guaranteed to change your mood and make you think. Read more


Norwegian producer Helge Tommervag is something of a veteran when it comes to atmospheric ambience, having released his debut album way back in 1996. Since then, he's shifted between clandestine IDM, droning electronica and distinctive ambience. Monolog, his latest full-length, explores the possibilities of dubbed-out atmospherics. While most tracks offer little more than deep, discordant sound effects, electrical glitches and a whisper of melody, Tommervag somehow manages to instil the resultant calming experiments with more than a hint of emotion. As a result, it's a surprisingly expressive set, despite the sparsity of elements. (Juno records)


Embarking on another journey through his universe of deep meditative soundscapes, 'Monolog' is a much darker affair, taking us out of his melodic realm that was 'Components' into a much more stark and ambient world full of noises, reverb, echo, warmth and droning beauty. The album presents mind over MIDI in a different light and it is the perfect soundtrack for the long, dark and cold evenings of Autumn ahead.


The thirteen tracks of Monolog map a dark and introspective world, a pallid world of leaden atmospheres and weighted dawns. An excellent work of modern ambience—contemporaries living up the classics. Read more's like Tangerine Dream's 'Phaedra' and some early Basic Channel locked in a BIG room..