Cotton Goods 2010 Selection





00:00 Hybernation – Columbia Road (E2 & E8)

05:45 james stephen finn – An Aerial View (homecoming)

08:00 need more sources – If I Had Time.... (Seo-ri)

12:07 pawn – entrance - stairs (a hum of the library)

14:26 Sub Loam – southern sheet (Earthern Circle)

18:54 the humble bee – 06 Jan 2010 (morning music)

23:25 whisperer – shimmer (shroud)

26:54 then dof – Chapter 4 (mycrocosmycs)

29:07 the humble bee – 19 Jan 2010 (morning music)

33:18 E & I – november sunset (An Inch of Air)

37:21 End









About Cotton Goods

Brought to you by the tirelessly resourceful and inspiring Craig Tattersall, one time member of Hood, half of The Remote Viewer, The Boats and the Moteer/Mobeer labels. Cotton Goods is a venture designed to act as an outlet for completely bespoke packaging and some incredible music.



About the mix

2010 was an amazing year for the Cotton Goods imprint. Nine new highly collectable handmade editions, the opening of two new sub-divisions (lending library, refrence library), new artwork taking the bespoke packaging to even further heights of loveliness, and topping off a year with their most ambitious, and beautiful project to date: the humble bee - morning music, a quadruple CD of recordings made over four weeks january 2010, resulting in 28 songs spread over two hours of beautiful music.

The mix feature tracks from all of the 2010 editions.



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