Cotton Goods Selection (2009-2010)




Marihiko Hara – Icon (Icon)

relmic statute – tapeloop2 (sitting under the lantern’s glow)

tape loop orchestra – reel one end (1953 culture festival)

scissors and sellotape – chapter 2 (chapters 1 to 8)

the humble bee – P209 (a miscellany for the quiet hours)

James Stephen Finn – Feels Like I’m Living A Walking Sleep (The Antique Metronome)

then dof – Chapter 10 (mycrocosmycs)

need more sources – Doastheydo Notastheysay (Seo-ri)

sub loam – overgrown path (ohr parts 1-3)

daughter of the industrial revolution – shape 4 (variable resistance parts 001 – 003)

pawn – ventilation fans (a hum of the library)


Total Running Time: 44:25






About Cotton Goods

Brought to you by the tirelessly resourceful and inspiring Craig Tattersall, one time member of Hood, half of The Remote Viewer, The Boats and the Moteer/Mobeer labels. Cotton Goods is a venture designed to act as an outlet for completely bespoke packaging and some incredible music.


The mix contains one track from each of the eleven first Cotton Goods releases (2009-2010).


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