Craig Tattersall - Man with a tape recorder (mix)




The Humble Bee - The Bedside Book (A Miscellany for the Quiet Hours) Cotton Goods

The Archivist - (i did it deliberately) (David Newlyn/The Archivist/Insecto) Mobeer

The Seaman and The Tattered Sail - Suspended Dust, Slow Movement, Light's End (Light Folds) Facture

E and I - Tiniest Smile (An Inch of Air) Cotton Goods

E and I – Putting off Stars (Putting off Stars) Cotton Goods

The Archivist – Untitled 6 (The Keeper of The Library, Handmade Edition 3” CDR) Lacies Records

The Archivist - Mining for Sound (The Wooden Laser) The Archivist Self-released

The Humble Bee – Beginning (Henrietta) Other Ideas

E and I - Pearls for Alma (Projected Images) Cotton Goods

The Humble Bee - 31 jan 2010 (Morning Music) Cotton Goods


Music by Craig Tattersall

exept E and I with Emmanuel Witzthum, The Seaman and The Tattered Sail with Bill Seaman


Craig Tattersall is a brilliant multi-talented artist, member of Remote Viewer, The Boats and several other projects, the man behind the much loved bespoke imprint Cotton Goods, Other Ideas and the Moteer/Mobeer labels. He makes beautifully modest and understated music, highly recommended to fans of life's subtler joys.


“A lot of times it’s not only the sound itself but also the way it has deteriorated. I just love the crackle of vinyl, the saturated distortion of analogue tape, the hiss of wax-cylinders, the aging process of the artifact itself is equally important as the sounds themselves. They add a second layer of emotionality to the sounds. The medium is part of the instrument”. (Craig Tattersall)




The Seaman and the Tattered Sail - Light Folds. Digital version available here. HIGHLY recommended!

Photo: Craig Tattersall